PRP Therapy: Platelet Rich Plasma

Go Pain Free For Long Periods of Time With Just 1 or 2 Treatments*

The human body has a self-healing system in place. The heart of that system in the platelet, which is a cell in our blood. Anytime you experience a cut, the blood flowing out of the wound is actually healing it using these platelets.

Unlike a flesh wound, most of your tendons, joints, and ligaments don’t have ample access to a strong, healthy blood flow. That means they may not heal very well on their own. In these cases, we have found that PRP therapy can actually provide quick healing and long lasting effects. In many cases, these patients will go pain free in 30 days with just a couple of treatments.

Some of the best candidates for this treatment are patients who are experiencing pain in their knees or shoulders. Torn ligament and muscle may also benefit greatly from this treatment. World class athletes like Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant have undergone PRP therapy and been able to go back to their game with zero recovery time.

The healing properties of platelets are so powerful that PRP can be used for a variety of procedures including facelifts, breastlifts, hair loss, and sexual dysfunction.

(*Results may vary).