Organic Airbrush Spray Tan

Whether you’re ready for a summer vacation or you want to look your best during any season, a spray tan can give you that fabulous glow you’ve been looking for. Revive Medical Center is proud to announce that we now offer organic airbrush spray tans. This special process gives you a custom airbrushed look that’s easily customized to suit any skin tone. Each airbrush is blended and prepared for your skin’s unique undertone and the result is an amazing, natural-looking tan.

Before Your Tanning Session

Before you visit us for your organic airbrush spray tan, be sure to fully exfoliate your body at least 24 hours in advance. Pay close attention the knees, elbows, ankles, and any other areas of your body that have especially dry skin. To avoid getting the bronzer into your pores, wax or shave at least 48 hours or more before your appointment. Stay away from any bar soaps, shower products with a high pH level, shaving gel, oil-based products, and any in-shower moisturizers for the entire 24 hours before your appointment.

When you arrive, make sure your skin is totally dry, and wipe off any deodorant under your arms. Make sure you get any pedicures between 24 and 48 hours before your tan, and never get one directly after the tanning session. Try not to do anything that could make you sweat for around 24 hours after your session. Staying dry will ensure that the organic tanning solution fully develops. After your spray tan, be sure to wear loose-fitting, dark clothes and avoid wearing a bra.

Tan Aftercare Tips

After your organic airbrush spray tan, moisturize yourself well after your first shower. A combination of good moisture and gentle exfoliation will keep your tan looking fresh and long-lasting. Always use a fresh razor when you shave and remember that the more often you shave, the faster your tan will fade. Stay away from any products containing mineral oil, alcohol, or sulfates. Be aware that any pool or spa containing chlorine could cause your tan to fade. When you wash your hands, try to clean the inside of your fingers and on the palm areas only. You should wash your hands around three to four times after your tanning session and within the first three hours.

Follow these easy before and after tips and you’ll have an incredible experience with our organic airbrush spray tan services.

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  • $55 Rapid Organic Airbrush (customized color based on skin undertone)
  • $10 additive Hydrofirm spray
  • $10 additive PH balancing prep spray (applied before airbrush)
  • *$15 BOTH additives to Airbrush
  • *VIP mobile session $75 based on distance
    the VIP treatment is made for packages!

VIP Packages

  • 5 Airbrush sessions $215, add PH balancing prep spray $20
    • expires 2 months, saves you $60-$90!
  • 10 Airbrush sessions $400, add PH balancing prep spray $40
    • expires in 6 months, saves you $150-$210!

Memberships – Monthly $145


  • 4 Airbrush sessions every 30 days (does not roll over)
  • Free PH balancing prep spray, other additive $10
  • *3 month minimum