HydroLuxx Microdermabrasion

If you’re looking for clearer, more beautiful skin, our new HydroLuxx Microdermabrasion service is the perfect solution. This gentle skin-peeling process uses a special hydro-solution treatment that infuses the skin with a variety of skincare products to deep clean your face and sucks out dirt and blackheads from your pores. If you have bags under the eyes, it works wonders with lymphatic drainage for a much more youthful appearance. By extracting damaged skin cells, your skin has the opportunity to restore and regenerate.

With our HydroLuxx Microdermabrasion service, we use the Zemits HydroLuxx Hydrodermabrasion Oxygen Infusion System. Using the latest in skincare technology, this machine uses a powerful process to help your skin boost the absorption of healthy nutrients. The result? You’ll get a glowing finish with no irritation, flaking, or redness. Thanks to the accelerated hydration, your skin gets a shot of moisture that absorbs quickly and deeply into the dermis for lasting results.

How Does it Work?

hydro microdermabrasion before-afterYou may choose one individual HydroLuxx Microdermabrasion treatment, or you can choose to come back for several repeat visits. Each time, your skin will be thoroughly cleaned, and then we’ll choose from a selection of serums and facial tips based on your unique skin needs. The machine’s 3-in-1 triple action wand allows us to precisely apply the treatment to any trouble spots. For the ultimate in exfoliation, choose the tip with a diamond surface. If you need to remove blackheads and clogged pores, the vacuum extraction tip will give you clear, glowing skin.

This machine using a gentle abrasive pneumatic chamber located on the tip to instantly exfoliate all dead, dry skin cells. At the same time, the pneumatic suction tip applies the special hydro-serum onto your skin, infusing it with special ingredients based on your skin’s unique needs. With the advanced technology used, your skin will achieve effective blood circulation and lymphatic flow. The peeling serum offers you deep cleansing and total rejuvenation. You’ll walk out of every treatment with radiant, smooth, clearer skin and incredible confidence.
Pricing and Results

Each session is $150 with a special $125 price for the first session for our new patients only. After your HydroLuxx Microdermabrasion treatment, you’ll see:

  • Cleaner, healthier skin with an increased level of hydration
  • Improved production of sebum and skin oils
  • Fewer post-acne spots and pigmentation
  • Better immune support of the skin
  • A smoother, more even skin texture and tone
  • Cleaner pores with a reduced pore size

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