Hair Loss Treatment

Amazing Hair Growth Results – Hair Loss Treatment Lawrenceville

Are you suffering with thinning hair. Are you having trouble finding the right hair style to cover up the area? Are you trying to hide the fact your hair is thinning by wearing hats, toupee, wigs or other accessories? Today there are many treatment options available. There are over the counter products (some which smell bad!). There are surgical implants that take time to heal and need to be cleaned everyday until the follicles heal. There are shampoos that only work for as long as you use them, if they work at all. Now there is a new treatment available. It’s all natural because it uses the body’s own healing power to regenerate the hair follicles. Its perfect for those with thinning hair, receding hair lines, thinning crown or top of the head. Platelet Rich Plasma and Regenerative Medicine Is the answer.

Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) comes from your own blood. Its a simple blood draw in the office. We then spin the blood in a centrifuge to separate the blood from the plasma. The area is numbed with lidocaine to ensure there is no pain. We take the high concentration of platlets which are found in the plasma and use a tiny needle to inject the PRP into the thinning area. We then use a special device called a micro needler to push the remaining platelets into the tissue. Following this procedure we push growth factors into the follicles with the micro needler to help feed the cells. We then supply you with a home treatment product to help feed the hair follicles even further and clean the scalp. It can take from 3-5 treatments to see the best results. The procedure will take about an hour and some patients have returned back to their normal lives soon after the treatment. Our patients love the results and have a pleasant experience while we help regrow your hair! Enter your name on the right for a Free Hair Loss Consultation!