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Revive Medical Center’s Spinal Decompression Treatment uses the latest state-of-the-art decompression therapy tables. Located in Lawrenceville, GA, Revive Medical Center practitioners have seen consistent success in relieving patient back pain using spinal decompression as part of the overall treatment regimen. How does spinal decompression work? Here’s what you need to know.

Spinal Compression

As we age, the cushion or discs between each spinal vertebrae can weaken and dissolve. During this dissolution, the vertebrae begin to rub against each other which causes severe back pain. This also compresses the spine which can damage it further because you experience bone-on-bone friction. Decompression therapy is an effective treatment to relieve the pain associated with bone-on-bone friction. It can also help relieve the discomfort associated with bulging or herniated discs and sciatica.

How Spinal Decompression Works

Basically, spinal decompression works by stretching the vertebrae to relieve the pressure between them. A spinal decompression machine offers motorized traction that gently pulls the spine to reposition the cord back to its original shape. During this process, discs retract, which removes the pressure against spinal nerves that causes back pain. With multiple therapy sessions, bulging or herniated discs oftentimes move back to their original position. Decompression also promotes fluid, oxygen and water movement back into depleted discs to refresh their cushioning ability.

What Spinal Decompression Helps

As mentioned above, we have experienced tremendous success when we add spinal decompression as part of our treatment of our patients’ back pain. Spinal decompression is effective for

  • Back pain
  • Bulging discs
  • Diseased spinal nerve roots
  • Herniated discs
  • Injured spinal nerve roots
  • Neck pain
  • Sciatica
  • Worn spinal joints

In addition to spinal decompression, we have also found acupuncture, braces, chiropractic medicine, exercise, limited rest, NSAIDs, physical therapy and steroid injections to help patients with severe spinal pain. Each patient is different, however, so we design a treatment regimen to fit the individual.

Spinal Decompression Treatment

Spinal decompression treatment is noninvasive and relaxing. In fact, some of our patients fall asleep during their treatment. We recommend you wear something comfortable for your visit, as you will lie down face up or face down on the decompression table. We will strap you onto the table with two harnesses, one at your pelvis and one at your waist, and then we will use the machine to gently stretch your spine. The treatment will last 30 to 45 minutes and we may also use hot or cold therapy or other pre- or post-decompression treatments to increase its effect.

If you suffer from back pain, call Revive Medical Center at 770-343-3187 to schedule an appointment. We are located in Lawrenceville, GA, and staff back and neck pain experts ready to diagnose the cause of your pain and design a customized treatment plan just for you.

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