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thyroid disorder

Signs I Have a Thyroid Disorder

Women have greater chances of suffering from thyroid disorders than men do. There are two types of thyroid disorder from which women can suffer. The first one is hyperthyroidism. This means that your thyroid is overactive and producing too many thyroid hormones. The other condition is hypothyroidism. This is the opposite of hyperthyroidism in that…
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Workers’ Compensation Claims

Common Causes of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation claims can be stressful over and above the work injury itself. Revive Medical Center works with businesses and insurance carriers to ensure you get the care you need if you have to file a workers’ compensation claim. We also work with you if you have been in an automobile accident and have filed…
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Spray Tan

Should I Get a Spray Tan Before I Go On Vacation?

The short answer to the titled question is yes. It’s important to do it right, however. Make sure you shave and wax at least 24 hours before your tan appointment, schedule the tan appointment two days before your trip, and don’t dive into the pool or ocean while your tan is still developing. If you…
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DOT physical

What Is Involved in a DOT Physical?

If you want to work for the Department of Transportation or if you want to be a truck driver, you must be willing to have a DOT physical annually. This physical provides the DOT with the data they need to ensure you are healthy enough to be on the road hauling. Revive Medical Center conducts…
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