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Hassle Free, Thorough, Allergy Testing

If you suffer from a runny nose, itching eyes, coughing, sneezing, or asthma, you may have seasonal allergies. These allergies can lead to sinus infections, migraines, headaches, asthma attacks, and fatigue. Now you can find out what you’re allergic to with our needle-free, quick 15 min test. Once we determine what allergies you have, there are 2 treatment options. The first therapy is called Subcutaneous immuno-therapy or SCIT. It is a weekly injection that will help your body build up immunity to the specific allergies that affect you.

The other treatment is called sublingual immunotherapy, or SLIT. This is a simple home therapy that is done by placing a drop of immuno-serum under the tongue every night. There are no needles involved and it is an excellent alternative for children and adults who prefer not to get injections. Some of the allergies we test for are grass, pollen, trees, mites, pet dandruff, cockroaches, and much more. We can also test for food allergies. Some food allergies can affect you right away, which can cause skin rashes, swelling, or trouble breathing, while other allergies, known as a delayed response allergy, may not show up for several days after eating foods. Some symptoms of food allergies are bloating, fatigue, gas, diarrhea, Irritable bowel syndrome, joint and muscle pain, headaches, migraines, autoimmune diseases, ADD/ADHD, weight gain, and/or inflammation. With a simple test, we could determine what food you should avoid to help alleviate your symptoms.